A long term participatory audio installation.
Activated by ancestors past, present and future using their voices.
By Tamika Abaka-Wood. 

1. Archiving and sharing knowledge, wisdom and stories.
We’re all world-builders. 

2. Cultivating deep time-humility. We’re somebody’s ancestor. This hotline gets more generational as time passes. 

3. Creating links across space and time. We are connected in more ways than we recognise. 

4.Exploration of connectedness and ancestry beyond DNA.
We can be kinfolk beyond inheirited lineage. 

5. Embodiment.
And saying what needs to be said. 

We can explore the many ways to be ‘good’ ancestors, together in our many different voices. And then move accordingly innit. 


More links [press the bold title] 

︎_Dial An Ancestor visuals 1. 

︎_Dial An Ancestor visuals 2. 

︎_Dial An Ancestor visuals 3.creative direction, Tamika Abaka-Wood.
exec producer, Darryl Daley.

︎_The Future vs. Futures Words. plus references and links to contributors.

_Call +1 844 992 2996 (Toll-Free, some carrier charges may apply). 

_Now onwards. With the aim of running for 100 years, with new evolving curation. 

_Anyone who is alive today and has something  to say/ tell/ share, as an ancestor.

_Call + press 1 to listen to an ancestor.
_Call + press 2 to record as an ancestor. Non-exhaustive manual ︎ here!


︎ Samuel Abaka-Wood on creative tech support. 
︎ Andreas Brooks on logo design.
︎Darryl Daley on Insta assets.
︎ Zahra, Edith, Shahreen, Claude, Emer, Yewande + Allison on 4.5 months of time-exploration.
+ any and everyone who listens and shares.